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How do I create an account on VASAVISILKS.COM?

You can create your account on VASAVISILKS.COM by entering and verifying your mobile number. Click on "Create New Account" after that and fill up the form to create your VASAVISILKS.COM account.


How do I login on VASAVISILKS.COM?

For  users of  VASAVISILKS.COM who used to login with email Once you have entered the details, you will be logged in to your account. Next time onwards, you can use your mail for easy login.


Do I need to provide email to create an account on VASAVISILKS.COM?

Providing an email is not mandatory to create an account on VASAVISILKS.COM. However, we still recommend adding your email to your account as it will allow you to easily reset your password if you need to.


I have given my mobile number in my last order? Can I use that number to log in to VASAVISILKS.COM?

Mobile numbers given along with shipping address cannot be used to log in on VASAVISILKS.COM. To use a number for login on VASAVISILKS.COM.

Why is my account locked?

VASAVISILKS.COM locks accounts for a specified time period or permanently in case there are too many failed login attempts to your account. This is for the security of your account. You should be able to gain access back to your account by resetting your password or call customer care for further help.

FAQ’s on Shopping Cart

How do I place an item in my cart?

Once you’ve found an item that interests you, just click the “Add to Cart” button. This button can be found on any item’s detail page, at the bottom. After you’ve finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click the 'Go to my cart' icon to view the list of items ordered.

Can I change the quantity of the items ordered?

To increase the number of any product ordered, please change the value in the quantity box and Click “Update” to see your revised Grand Total.


How do I delete items from my cart?

It’s easy to delete an item from your Shopping Cart all you need to do is to click on the Delete Button for the corresponding item.

What happens if I exit after selecting the items without buying?

Shopping cart is the online cart and will be destroyed once the person logout. Where as wish list will be created/destroyed only by the member.


FAQ’S on Delivery Processing System


For Handlooms and Textiles:

VASAVISILKS.COM takes stringent measures to ensure that the items delivered to you are in perfect condition. However, there is remote possibility that a wrong item is delivered to you, in such a case, we will replace the item at no extra cost, provided that the request for replacement or return of item is made within 48 hours from the time of receipt of item. There is also a remote possibility that the item may be damaged during transit, please do not accept if the packaging is torn/ tampered/damaged. Usually the outer packaging reflects and gets damaged before the inner product is damaged therefore please verify the product condition in the presence of the courier staff and avoid taking delivery if the product is damaged. Reporting of damages subsequently shall not be entertained, kindly understand and co-operate. In such circumstances, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will guide you on the process for the same at +91 9059985041 and also write to us at ACCOUNTS@VASAVISILKS.COM

How soon can you deliver: Our logistics partner would take care of the delivery within India (subject to availability of services) for more details please refer Delivery Information. In case there is no courier service to the address mentioned in the order, the order will be cancelled, and the same will be intimated to you by e-mail.


IMPORTANT: Most of the Handicraft items require special handling, many items that are extremely delicate over sized or weigh heavily are marked on their product detail pages as “require special handling”.

The shipping charges for these items are either indicated on their product detail pages or will be calculated for you at the last step of the purchase process (before you send us your order).

Please note that each shipment of these items required an adult signature upon delivery, once your order leaves our distribution centre, you will be contacted by the shipper to arrange a specific time for delivery.


for return request you have to use "contact us" option in VASAVISILKS.COM, and put your request through mail.

I have created a Return request. When will the product be picked up?

Number of days to pickup a product may vary as per the Logistics team that will be assigned to pickup your product. The product will be picked anywhere between 4 – 7 days.

I have created a Return request. When will I get the refund?

Refund will be initiated upon successful pickup as per the Refund Policy. The refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account within the following timelines:

  1. NEFT - 1 to 3 business days post refund initiation
  2. ONLINE Credit - Instant
  3. Online Refund – 7 to 10 days post refund initiation, depending on your bank partner
  4. “PhonePe wallet” – Instant




How can I pay for my order at VASAVISILKS.COM?

We support the following payment options at VASAVISILKS.COM:

  1. Cash On Delivery (available in selected pin codes)
  2. Credit Card
  3. Debit Card
  4. Net banking
  5. Gift Card
  6. Wallet

How does the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option work?

VASAVISILKS.COM's Cash on Delivery option allows you to pay order value at the time of delivery for all orders between Rs. 299 and Rs. 49999. Your existing limits will be revised once, there is a delivery or order rejected against your account, from the new limit implementation logic, if required.To pay for any order using Cash on Delivery (COD) mode of payment, please select the 'Cash On Delivery' option on the payment page. Cash on Delivery option is available only in selected pincodes. However the COD limit may differ from customer to customer depending upon the order rejection percentage from a particular customers registered email id. For avoidance of doubt, 'Order Rejection Percentage' shall mean any undelivered orders which are returned from the address provided by the customer even, after three successful delivery attempts. In event of COD limit breach, your order will be cancelled and you will have to place a new order using Pre-payment options.

Further, the COD limit for any user may get decreased to Rs. 24,999, Rs.1500, Rs.0 basis on order rejection percentage and can be reset to Rs.49,999 basis on Order acceptance percentage and number of prepaid orders placed, post limit decrease.


Why can't I see the COD option on my payment page?

If you do not see a COD option on your payment page, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your order value may be less than Rs. 299 or over Rs. 49,999.
  2. Our courier partners may not support the Cash on Delivery option for your delivery address.
  3. You may have placed another order using the COD option which is pending delivery. If the amount of this order when added to your current order exceeds Rs. 49,999, then the COD option will be disabled temporarily.

What is COD limit?

VASAVISILKS.COM reserves the right to determine the COD limit for every customer and/or orders. The COD limit includes any undelivered, unpaid orders and any new orders being placed.

I want to know about EMI (credit card) payment option?

EMI (Credit Card) is a convenient payment option that you can choose to pay for the order in easy installments to the credit card issuing bank. The option is available only on credit cards issued by the following banks:

  1. HDFC
  2. ICICI
  3. SBI
  4. Axis
  5. Amex
  6. HSBC
  7. Induslnd
  8. Kotak
  9. RBL
  10. Standard Chartered.

This EMI option is facilitated by the card issuing bank. The EMI eligibility, payment plan and refund rules are solely on the internal discretion and approvals of the bank.


How do I make payment using EMI (Credit Card) option?

Add the desired products to your VASAVISILKS.COM shopping bag, proceed to checkout, select delivery address and proceed to payment. On payment page, select EMI (Credit Card) under payment options and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your Credit Card issuing bank you wish to pay from
  2. Select the repayment duration (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months). The interest rate, monthly EMI and total interest paid will be displayed.
  3. Enter your Credit Card details
  4. Click ‘Pay Now’.

The order will be confirmed and shipped on successful payment.

What is the eligibility criteria to avail EMI option?

EMI is available for all products on VASAVISILKS.COM except, Jewellery products. Also, the payment option is available only above a minimum order value which varies from bank to bank. For given order value, only the eligible banks will be displayed under the issuing bank list on the EMI payment page.


Why is sum total of EMI’s more than the order value?

The issuing bank charges interest per EMI transaction. The interest rates are decided by the bank and are displayed at the time of completing the transaction. There is no processing or convenience fees charged on any EMI transactions.

What happens if bank rejects EMI conversion?

Customer needs to pay full amount of transaction to the bank, since EMI facility is at sole discretion of the issuing bank, please contact your card issuing bank.

Why is the transaction amount not converted into EMI in 7 working days?

Conversion of transaction into EMI is at the sole discretion of card issuing bank and can also be rejected in unfortunate circumstances. In case the paid amount is not converted to EMI within 7 days then contact your card issuing bank.

What should I do if my payment fails?

Please retry making the payment after ensuring that the information entered is accurate, including all account details, billing addresses and passwords. If your payment still fails, you can use the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option, if available on the payment page to place your order. If your payment is debited from your account after a payment failure, it will be credited back within 7-10 days, after we receive a confirmation from the bank.

I am being charged GST amount on my order. What is GST?

GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services that is levied on every value addition (through production and services) and is added to a product's sale price. GST has to borne/paid by the ultimate consumer of the product or service. If your order is fulfilled on or after July 1st 2017, GST will be applicable on your orders. GST subsumes all other taxes like Excise duty, VAT, Entry tax etc.

How is the GST amount decided?

Following rules will govern whether or not additional GST will be applicable on the products purchased by you:

1) GST applicability:

(a) For a product,

(i) if the fulfillment is done on or after July 1st, 2017 and

(ii) if the order is placed before 15th November, 2019, and,

(iii) total discount percentage is more than 19% of MRP,

then GST may be collected from customer in addition to product price, post discounts. The discounts include those resulting from special offers such as Buy 1 Get 1 and similar offers.

(b) For a product, if the order is placed on or after 15th November 2019, the discounted prices displayed on VASAVISILKS.COM platform shall be inclusive of all taxes, including GST.

2) GST amount: If applicable, the amount of GST collected from customer depends on category, for example

(i) Apparel/Clothing: Max 12%

(ii) Footwear: Max 18%

(iii) Home Furnishing: Max. 28%

(iv) Accessories/Other Categories: Max 28%

3) On and from 15th November, 2019, the discounted prices displayed on the VASAVISILKS.COM platform shall be inclusive of all taxes.

If I return/cancel the purchased product will the GST/VAT amount charged be refunded?

Yes. If you return the product the applicable GST/VAT amount will also be refunded into the source account selected at the time of return initiation. However no refunds of GST/VAT shall be made in relation to shipping charges collected from the consumer under VASAVISILKS.COM shipping policy.



Customer Service

If you didn’t find the answer to your question on this site and have more queries, please contact us on Tel no.+91-9059985041 or e-mail us mail to:/ accounts@vasavisilks.com  We'll be happy to help you.


How will I detect fraudulent emails/calls seeking sensitive personal and confidential information?

If you receive an e-mail, a call from a person/association claiming to be from VASAVISILKS.COM seeking sensitive confidential information like debit/credit card PIN, net-banking or mobile banking password, we request you to never provide such confidential and personal data. We at VASAVISILKS.COM or our affiliate logistics partner never ask for such confidential and personal data. If you have already revealed such information, report it immediately to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

Here are a couple of baits fraudsters often use to cheat consumers:

Congratulations! You have been nominated as a ‘Top VASAVISILKS.COM customer’ and are now eligible for a luxury gift item. Please share your proof of address and your debit/credit card details to avail this great offer.

Hi, I’m calling from VASAVISILKS.COM. We are happy to let you know that you have won an exclusive lucky draw coupon of Rs. 5000 on your latest purchase. Please share your credit/debit card number so we can credit the money directly into your bank account.